“I sport New Balance sneakers to avoid a narrow path” [A Tribe Called Quest]

I have another confession on this cool Sunday night.

I’ve never seen Julie & Julia.

Weekly, at least one person asks me if I’ve seen this flick. And as an avid blogger –  now I can finally understand why everyone wants to know. Let me tell you – with an hour left, I’m obsessed.

So I figure for every one who writes in, there are, I don’t know, hundreds that don’t. Don’t you think? It’s like there’s this whole group of people who are sort of connected to me. They need me in some way. Like – if I didn’t write – they’d be really upset.

Maybe one day I could have the third highest ranked blog on salon.com. Wouldn’t that be something …

Today’s post – completely dedicated to these beautiful specimens:

You mean - it isn't normal to recline wearing your new sneakers?

Meet my new companions. Always dependable, and never boastful. Reliable when the going gets tough; Enough bling bling without trying to overcompensate. Comfortable in almost any situation (unlike their owner) and adaptable. Comfortable staying at home, or going out for a stroll. And of course: free.

I tested out the latest addition to my workout wardrobe yesterday – first running at the gym, and then hitting the trails. Comfortable is an understatement. With easy-breathe technology, my feet felt cool and cozy during my workout – even on the treadmill. They don’t feel like they need breaking in, and I know immediately (similar to my last pair) that they are going to last me in the long run (pun intended).

So … about the trails.

The view from the top of the mountain – absolutely breathtaking. I’ve been wanting to get my hike on for a month or so now – and the 70 degree temps made for the perfect incentive. A quick pitstop for a Powerade Zero and to pick up my climbing companion – and I was in business.

Granted – I was hesitant to expose my new babies to the filth of the mountain trails. But with a little bit of care and a quick pace – we made it up to the top in no time. In addition to the beautiful view – we saw this:

And obviously took a few of these:

Me and my kicks in the castle window.

And that is all she wrote – for now. Look forward to a big announcement tomorrow morning.

What is your favorite movie? The most beautiful view you’ve stumbled upon (or hiked toward) lately?

7 thoughts on ““I sport New Balance sneakers to avoid a narrow path” [A Tribe Called Quest]

  1. cute sneakers!! the pics from the trail are really cool. i want to sit in a castle!!! hmmm favorite movie..that’s hard. i’ve always loved american beauty, man on fire, and love actually. and omg those are so old. i need to catch up with the entertainment world.

    • Thanks! I honestly absolutely LOVE American Beauty, it’s up in the running with 10 Things I Hate About You (R.I.P. Heath). Man On Fire is one of my boyfriend’s favorites. I need to see it!

  2. Those shoes are sweeet! I always love new running shoes, my boyfriend thinks I’m weird lol🙂

    I love way to many movies to ever pick one and my tastes range from Horton Hears a Who to Paris Je’taime lol

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