Food Friday: Steaz Teaz

Confession: Once the temperatures get over 50 degrees for the first time, I swap out my occasional afternoon coffee for a grande iced passion tea with raspberry from Starbucks. And while it may not have STAYED above 50 degrees since the first gorgeous day in March — I refuse to give back my passion tea. In fact, I look forward to it.

So you can imagine my delight while on a spontaneous grocery trip post-gym time on Tuesday, I saw this:

Enter Steaz iced Teaz in blueberry pomegranate acai. First things first: Yes, the company spellz it with a Z. And for about $1.20, it’s about half the price of my Starbucks alternative and JUST as delicious. It’s refreshing and unlike a lot of canned or bottled iced teas, it’s all organic, so it’s actually tea and natural juices without the artificial sweeteners or additives. It ALSO comes in lemon, lime pomegranate, mint, peach and unsweetened lemon. Ooooh, AND it’s only 80 calories, just like my ‘Bucks of choice. Winning.

Other things bought during my trip:

After scoring that case of pineapple Chobani, I wanted to get a few things to spruce up my morning ‘gurt. Enter strawberries, blueberries and Casadian Farm’s fruit & nut granola. Nom nom nom!

And that’s all. Today’s all about eating well, workin’ and resting my feet. I actually ate a cinnamon raisin bagel for the first time in … forever this morning. How I love pre-half marathon fueling of the glycogen stores.

What’s your favorite iced tea? Do you have any pre-race eating tips?

One thought on “Food Friday: Steaz Teaz

  1. The best tea is Sweet Leaf Mint Honey. All organic. Started off brewing in pillowcases. Inspired by their grandmother. Under each cap is a nugget of knowledge from their grandmother called “granny-isms”. Best of all they are an Austin, TX company and anything from Austin is AWESOME!

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