Oh, hey!

Okay … so it’s been a while. I have no real reason why I’ve been MIA over the past month.

And I’m sorry.

Thus, I present you with the May/June Cliff notes version of Emily:

American Flag cake may be the coolest thing I baked during my absence (Thanks for the recipe, 17 and baking!). In fact, I’m counting down until July 4th so I can make it again — and maybe add another stripe.

I’m all iEverything. iPad. iPhone. I was already iMac MacBook and iPod (Nano, Shuffle, and Pod). In other words, I’m connected. You can thank these wonderful birthday presents (Hooray for the 23rd year!) for the revival of Making Life Fit. I know everyone always says “I’m back to stay, I promise!” but well — I mean it. A huge part of the reason I was so MIA was because I just didn’t feel like sitting in front of a computer anymore after doing it 8 hours at the office. But now with an iPad, what else is a commute good for, right? Well, besides Angry Birds. Yes, I bought the 250 level app for $1. Shoot. I’m ballin’.

Oh hey, boyfriend! But that’s old news …

The real news: I’m skinnier. I’ve been a runner for about four years now, but I’ve only recently incorporated in strength training through crossfit and weight lifting, and I’m now seeing all the difference. With the most recent LBs, I’ve lost just over 60 pounds since sophomore year of college. Wow, it feels good to say that.

Not to be alarmed — this isn’t an unhealthy 10 pounds. I feel the best I have felt ever. I spontaneously ran a half marathon last Sunday. Which brings me to my next announcement:

I’m officially training for the 2011 Hartford FULL Marathon. It’s not going to be easy. In fact, at times it may downright suck. But I know that I am at a great place in my life to try it, and well, why not?

And that’s all I got, loyal readers. I promise I’ll be back soon. For now, it’s time for some shuteye.

What’s new with you?!

3 thoughts on “Oh, hey!

  1. FULL MARATHON! I am still contemplating the 5k haha, but I think you’ve just inspired me to sign up. From, your faithful reader, Rachel🙂

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