Fairfield 5k & other weekend shenanigans

Dad signed me up for the Fairfield 5K a few months ago. I wasn’t too excited, to be honest, considering participating meant a Saturday 6:15 wakeup. But for dad? I guess I’ll make an exception:

There I am, me, my coffee, and the beach. You’ve gotta admit, if you’re gonna be awake for an 8 a.m. road race, at least it’s nice to be next to the water.


Dad’s totally more hip than me, decked out in his North Face running gear. It’s okay, because I beat him.❤

My time? 23:59 and I couldn’t be prouder. If you were to tell me last year that I’d be able to push myself to do three miles in under 8 minute splits, I woulda laughed. I was proud of this guy, too:

He has a habit of hamming it up for the camera. Other weekend highlights included Third Eye Blind with the girls, Whole Foods (and got a little silly) with two old high school friends, a beautiful bridal shower upstate, piña coladas at a beach bar in Rhode Island, and coming home to dinner with momma Sunday night. Not too shabby, eh?

In other news: I’m attempting a three-day juice cleanse for work this week. Just for the record: I hate green juices. The two I drank today made me feel nauseous. Wednesday night couldn’t come soon enough! Anyone have tips for how to get me through this?

Do anything fun this weekend?

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