Chocolate dipped banana bites drizzled with peanut butter

I’ve mentioned just a couple times that I love bananas.

I may or may not love them even more dipped in chocolate.

A few weeks ago, I tried Banana Babies from Diana’s Bananas. We bought them at Whole Foods. I probably ate my banana in 26.4 seconds, flat.

Today, I had a craving for those. But it’s hot out there, and we had ripe bananas at home. And chocolate chips. And I apparently can’t stop eating chocolate everything. Hence, this just happened:

I bring you chocolate dipped banana bites.

with peanut butter drizzle.


1. Freeze bananas for at least 2 hours. Those have been in there for a bit of time, now.

2. Melt some chocolate. I’d say I used about 1 cup for 2 whole bananas, and I used milk chocolate chips. In my opinion, semi sweet baking chocolate works much better. But hey, I was being resourceful.

3. Dip frozen bananas in the chocolate goo.

4. Drizzle with peanut butter. I’ve seen people top them with nuts, coconut … I give you permission to do these however you please!

5. Eat them. All.

6. Make more.

So very excited for the relaxing weekend ahead. Is it weird that most of the things I’m looking forward to this weekend involve food? I don’t think so. Eggplant fries tonight, breakfast pizza tomorrow, dinner tomorrow night at a tiki bar with the ladies. Things are lookin’ preeettyyyyy fine.

Happy Friday, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Chocolate dipped banana bites drizzled with peanut butter

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  2. OMG…. those look delicious! I may try it… but I have no self control, so they’d all be inhaled within a few mins of taking them out of the freezer!

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