Morton’s neuroma

So, remember that time when I told you my feet were bothering me? And then I bought those funny looking sandals because they had more cushioning that the other junk I’ve been trudging through the city wearing?

Well this weekend at the gym, I experienced new levels of pain. While biking three miles instead of running them, I wondered: What if I had a stress fracture? I’ve come so far. Would I gave to stop exercising? Would I need physical therapy? As much as I was scared of answers, I needed them. So, I went to the podiatrist.

My diagnosis: Morton’s neuroma. Oh, and minor plantar fasciitis in both my heels.
Essentially, in normal people terms, Morton’s neuroma is an inflammation of a nerve between you third and fourth toe that causes severe pain. The fix? Pain medication, constant sneaker wearing, orthodic shoe inserts, and a good ‘ol cortisone shot.

It was my first cortisone shot, I felt like a true athlete. It burned a bit, and although the doctor told me I’d feel instant relief, I didn’t. In fact, it was kind of the opposite effect. Before the shot, I’d been walking fine, for the most part, just with some pain. But within an hour of getting the shot, the pain worsened, I was limping severely, and practically brought to tears. Mom suggested a makeshift icepack:


Yes, that’s a McDonald’s cup.

The good news? Today, the pain is much better. So much better, in fact, that I think I’m going to go for an easy two miler once I get home. The podiatrist told me running would be fine, in moderation, as long as I listened to my body. He suggested cutting what I would normally be doing, in terms of my training runs, in half.

Does this mean the full marathon in October is a no-go? Not necessarily. But I do know that I need to make a decision soon, and that this foot condition is bigger than just this one race. There will be other marathons, but these are my feet for life.

Have you ever experienced running related injuries? What did you do in the interim?

6 thoughts on “Morton’s neuroma

  1. I had the same experience with the cortizon shot. I already got the shot twice. Furst time it wa not that bad, second time around it was very painful. I think next step is surgery, because I suffer from it for three years now.

  2. em! you can be in the complain about your foot club with me! currently have stress fracture in second metatarsal, yay me! any way deep water running is genius and best way to keep in shape running. i have a friend who runs sub 3 hr marathon and does 3/4 of his runs in the water. all you need is the floating belt!

    hope the marathon still works out, i know what a bummer injury can be, love you miss you

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