Me & Jo-Ann

The fact that I’m starting to move things into my apartment on Monday is beyond nuts. How has February gone by so fast? Have I done everything? Am I probably forgetting to do 8,000 things? Oy.

I’ve probably spent a collective four hours looking for curtains I like and accent pillows. Clearly, my life is just about as exciting as humanly possible. I’m not sure what’s hurting me more — the fact that I’m frugal or the fact that I wanted to use coral and well, NOTHING comes in coral. I’ve come to terms with the fact I’m going to have to get a little crafty and make some of this jones myself.

So, I have these two projects in mind. Please don’t laugh.

The first:

coral colored pillow

It’s cute, right? Please say yes. Well I went to Jo-Ann the other night confident I could buy the materials and make it myself. Savvy shopping tip: Jo-Ann has a pretty stellar iPhone app with coupons you can “save” to your digital “wallet.” Good ones, too. I’m talking 50 percent off!

First, I found myself gawking at an enormous wall of pillows, unsure of which one to pick. Since they were white, I figured I wouldn’t have to make a pillow case, and could just hand sew my massive flower on myself. Easy-peasy.

I picked one out, and went on my happy little way. Side note: Tell me you love craft stores as much as I do? I’ve probably been to this one store just to look four times in the last two weeks. I wonder if they think I’m squatting ….

Back to the pillow. Of course — why would a craft store actually carry coral felt? Fail.

I paced around the store for a while thinking. I looked at those enormous paintable letters and wondered if there was any potential there. I sauntered by the bead section and contemplated buying the materials to make a necklace (Emily, you don’t need a necklace). I meandered through a sea of about 2,000 different fabrics and reminisced over one that I’m 99 percent positive was used to make my Belle costume when I was 6. Then I proceeded to yawn, throw my hands up in the air as a sign that I’ve given in, stormed out of the store, went to McDonald’s, and bought a dollar cone.

Okay, so the hands up in the air/ storming out part didn’t exactly happen that way. I guess I just wasn’t ready to commit to anything.

My second project:

Faded artwork

Walk with me on this one. Above my bed, three separate square canvases that when shoved together, would equal one constant blend of coral, that Tiffany blue color, white, and tan (my potential color scheme). I did something like this when I redecorated my room in the huge I grew up in, and loved the way it came out.

It has potential, I swear.

Maybe I’ll get crafty tonight. Can someone please come set up my sewing machine circa 1982? Or at least show me how to thread a bobbin? It would be much appreciated.

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