Cleaning out my closet: part two

This weekend was a whole slew of errands and must-dos before picking up everything and shipping off to the city Friday.

It started with dinner and drinks with the girls:


Don’t worry, they were only $1 each. You know what else is only a dollar? Me neither.

… The rest of the weekend wasn’t as fun, but definitely super productive. Thus I bring you the second installment of cleaning out my closet (Find the first one here).


Jackpot! First ever Game Boy.


My friend Alyson and I playing that Game Boy on one of the bazillion camping trips our families used to go on. Someone, anyone, please tell me you used to go camping too?


Recognize anyone in there? Right. There was this one time I was a freshman weekend orientation leader in college. During that time, someone took my picture and used it on a poster that plagued campus. That was embarrassing.


Baby shoes. I probably awwww-ed while looking at them for 10 minutes straight.

All I have to say about this letter to the tooth fairy is clearly I am my Father’s daughter.

Ticket stubs to a Golden State Warriors game from my sophomore year spring break. SO looking forward to going back to the west coast in a few weeks.

… And that was most of the good stuff I managed to snap photos of. Other weekend highlights? A semi-long run, the purchase of an awesome floor mirror, getting crafty (post to come soon), and this delicious Sunday breakfast:


Egg whites atop of a whole grain English muffin with spinach, roasted red pepper and goat cheese. Deeeelish.

Catch you soon! Happy Monday all.

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