Holy learning curve

Ohhhhh New York. You’re … different. You’re so much louder. You have so much possibility. You’re brimming with activities. And brunch spots. And Ray-Bans. You’re so … big.

I feel like this city is legit schooling me. I’m literally learning something new every 14.3 seconds. Like …

1. Google Maps is my NYC boyfriend. I went to Target in Harlem on Saturday to get myself another lamp for my room. After trying to figure out how to get there using HopStop and the MTA trip planner, I opted for the Maps app on my iPhone and was SO relieved to see that getting from point A to point B doesn’t need to be uber hard. I think I’m kind of in love. With an app. Is that weird? Whatever, who cares. The fact that I can tap on a clock thingamajigger and get the upcoming train and bus times within seconds makes my life SO much easier. That, and it even tells me when trains aren’t running on the weekends. Ahhh, the sweet feeling of sanity.

2. You CAN get a haircut for $40. Okay, confession: I got mine done Sunday for $25 + tip. After clicking through LivingSocial and Groupon for an hour trying to find an appointment time that worked for me, I stumbled upon this teeny salon near my apartment that has an unreal walk-in special. Turns out a lot of salons have day-of walk-in specials — and instead of paying the usual $60 for a cut, I got mine half-price. Zoom in on my not so empty wallet. Cha-ching.

3. You don’t have to pay $$$ to join a gym. There is a reason why there are membership consultants (or whatever it is that their title is) at the gym. After checking out the gym near me (NYSC) and meeting with a rep, I told her I needed a few days to think it all over. Just so you know, gyms in the city are mega expensive, and usually you have to pay a $125+ initiation fee, plus a processing fee, plus your first month. After sensing my hesitance, the gym consultant called me yesterday and offered me a sick deal for the first two months, saving me $100+. What’s that? Right. Yes, my wallet is still not so empty.

4. Groceries are heavier than they look. I would have laughed watching me carry six bags of groceries home the other day. Excess weight + slight limp to the left after running 8 miles in Central Park = hilarity. Who would of thought those measily six bags would have been a challenge. The good news? For $5, my fave grocery store delivers. Sign. Me. Up.

Fairway groceries

5. Buses aren’t as scary as they look. Call me lazy, but living on the east side means I have to walk over a bunch of avenues to get to the subway. Using the bus has been a sweet relief for me — and it’s actually a lot more comfy than the subway (and you can see the sun). Granted, learning that you have to pay BEFORE you get on the bus took me a few tries — but all in all not so bad.

In more exciting news: It’s going to be 70 degrees here tomorrow. Bring. It. On.

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