Last Thursday I left to see my Grandparents in Cali on a jet plane …

Jet Blue flight to California

Six hours later, I arrived in San Francisco in the rain.

The Crookedest Street

Down the Crookedest Street we went …

The Crookedest Street

We worked up an appetite after our steep decent.

Ghirardelli Square

We headed to Ghirardelli Square for some sweet treats.

Ghirardelli Square chocolate

I felt like I was Veruca in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory … eets.

Ghirardelli Square hot chocolate

We indulged in some hot chocolate and ice cream — how fun!

Walnut Creek, California

My mornings consisted of of many long runs.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

On St. Patrick’s Day my cousin and I headed to see the parade on the SF streets.

St. Patrick's Day

We threw back a few beers in a sea of green and listened to some beats (rough).

Breakfast Father's Nature Danville

The next morning we went to the most adorable breakfast spot.

Breakfast Father's Nature Danville

And nursed our hangovers with egg whites, fruit, toast and LOVED it a whole lot.

In-N-Out burger

The trip may have lasted only a few short days, but that’s alright with me.


Because it’s weekends like this that make me re-realize there’s nothing better than family.


Maybe I’ll write all my posts in rhyme from now on?

… OK, maybe not.

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