Spring has arrived

I’m here. I promise. I’m a real live human being with feelings and senses and I am fully functioning, just been in a blog funk. Spring has infused New York City with this crazy energy. It’s beautiful and invigorating and refreshing. I walk outside on sunny days like today and want to put on my sneakers and run forever. On days like today, I crave the bucket list. I crave weekend days at South Street. I crave … all of it. My thoughts are sporadic … I hope you don’t mind.

Brief life updates: We still have mice. The half marathon is Sunday. I’m in serious need of a haircut. I miss waking up on 34th Street. I miss 4 a.m. McDonald’s trips and that smile.

For now, here are some photos of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. Highlights including Free Pinkberry Wednesdays, spring accessory overload, the floral pants emerge, a Hamptons trip complete with piña coladas, Jessica’s shrimp lettuce wraps with mango salsa (without the beer batter), and New York City coming alive to greet spring.

tomato basil Pinkberry


Pina Colada

Easter Blondies

Dairy Queen

Laila Rowe necklace

Lettuce Wraps

The Rum Bus

Dollar conte


Easter Lily

H&M leopard clutch

Hill @ 88th Street

Floral pants

Sangria at Cascabel

Central Park hill

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