Starbucks in NYCStarbucks in NYC

On Fridays I envision myself as the woman I dreamed about being at this point in my life when I was younger. Sometimes, I’ll look at the hazy glare of the storefront windows on my brief walk to my Friday “work from home” oasis, and think to myself that this is exactly what I envisioned I’d be doing at this point in my life. On Fridays, I plug in my laptop, and as uber lame as it sounds, channel that inner Carrie Bradshaw that every young girl dreams about being at one point or another, and get to work on my purple MacBook Pro that drastically needs a trip to the Genius Bar. Continue reading


Emily and Lauren

There is genuinely no better feeling than knowing that you’re doing someone to make someone you love feel happy. Last Sunday was Lauren’s birthday and it was just so great to know that me showing up, fitting in a quick chat session at the gym, and going to dinner together could make her day so special. Continue reading

A win-win

Quinoa for beginners

I’ve had quinoa once in my life before, and I liked it. Red quinoa. It was side dish at a Mexican spot on the Upper East Side called Cascabel. I’ve been itching to make Jessica’s roasted sesame quinoa with chicken, and a dinner date with one of my oldest friends presented me with the perfect opportunity last night. Man, I love having unpicky eaters as friends. Oh, and ones that allow me to experiment on them, too. Continue reading