Purple haze

Remember that whole coral idea?

I really tried to go with that. I even channeled my inner decorationista and painted coral chevron canvases to put above my bed last week.

Coral chevron

Coral chevron

You may have seen them poking around in the photos of the the first haul to NYC from Monday.

I got them in the room and immediately got skeptical. I love coral. Almost as much as I love maroon (my tendency to buy everything maroon is almost comical at times.) However, I was getting a little nervous that I would be able to find enough coral accents for the room. So what do I do? Go to HomeGoods. Cue the sound of money draining from my bank account.

OK, it wasn’t that bad. I wanted to splurge on everything, though. Instead, I just bought these:

Purple throw pillows

Say hello to purple, my official accent color. I love the ruffles on these gems. That, and the shade of purple. It’s deep and will look great against the other ones I got from Ikea. I’m contemplating if I could save the coral chevron for above my bed, just buy a third canvas, and do the same thing in the purple color. Maybe not. Maybe I can buy premade “art” back at HomeGoods. Either way, at least I really have something to go off of now.

It’s sort of ridiculous how happy a set of pillows made me last night. Almost as happy as the George Forman grill I got at Kohl’s immediately after. Hello easy grilled chicken, veggies, fruit … heck … I’m gonna grill EVERYTHING.

George Forman grill

Remember when it was super exciting when you were younger and your mom bought you a new brightly colored LipSmacker? This was like that, but better. Because I got this little piece of grilltastic amazingness for almost 50 percent off, $55 instead of $99.99. I can’t help but laugh. I’m in my mid-20s, and the highlight of my week is buying a Forman. IT HAS REMOVABLE PLATES! Oh hey, reality.

Okay …. So do I keep the chevron? Or find something else?