A fall sneak peek

Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin

Seriously though, I’m kind of over this in between period. I’m not wishing away summer, necessarily, but walking by store after store touting fall trends is seriously giving me the itch.

For now — I’ll focus on Labor Day weekend is on the horizon, looking forward to spending some quality time beach side with the family. Restraining from my sweater urge for one more weekend? OK, if you say so. Continue reading

Low-calorie pumpkin hot chocolate

It’s official: I just made the world’s most delicious warm chocolate pumpkin drink for less calories than almost anything from Starbucks. Except black coffee. No one drinks coffee without anything in it these days, anyway. Right? Right.

I’ve been super stuffed up lately, and sort of figured this would be a nice deviation from the 8 cups of tea I drank today. I’m hoping it’s just allergies by man oh man does my head hurt. And my throat. I’M TIRED OF SNEEZING.

Back to the hot chocolate: Did I mention it only has 5 ingredients? Oh. Right. Cinco. And it only takes 5 minutes to mix up!

Pumpkin hot chocolate


  • 1 packet of diet hot chocolate mix (25 calories)
  • 1 tablespoon canned pumpkin pie mix (guestimate: < 25 calories)
  • 4 Tablespoons light whipped cream (30 calories)
  • A few chocolate chips (Oh gosh, 20 calories? Don’t count these. I give you permission!)
  • Dash of cinnamon

Instructions: 1. Bring water to a boil on the stove. Pour boiling water into cup with diet hot chocolate mix inside, and stir.

2. Stir in pumpkin pie mix. I choose to use this mix instead of plain canned pumpkin because it had all of the spices in it and I’m still without pumpkin pie spice. Stir for an additional 30 seconds, or until all lumps are gone.

3. Top with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and cinnamon.

4. Devour.

I know, you’re welcome.

Pumpkin Pancake Perfection!

The best thing I have ever made was SO simple, and started off with this:

It ended up like this:

It’s no secret I love pumpkin everything. So when I saw Gracie’s recipe for pumpkin pancakes last night – I went out to the store this morning, bought some canned deliciousness and got RIGHT to cookin’. I made a few modifications though, the final recipe:

  • 1/3 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1/3 cup Bisquick
  • 1/3 cup water2
  • 2 Tbsp cinnamon
  • 1 packet Splenda

These pancakes were fall in food form, the perfect way to start my day and reminded me of the tasty cupcakes one of the gals at work made last week (pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, YUM!) And when paired with pumpkin coffee, well – bliss. I figure today is the first full step to my carbo-load pre-race ritual, so why not start it off with a bang?

Time to get to workin’. What are your favorite fall recipes? Anyone else running a race this weekend?

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” [Albert Camus]

Two words: pumpkin spice

… I just googled (don’t you love how that’s become a verb??) trying to find the nutritional information for pumpkin spice products at Dunkin’ Donuts, and was unsuccessful. I did, however – find these creative recipes using DD products, helping the pumpkin spice fan bring some zing to their own kitchen.

Pumpkin spice is autumn to me. Fall is on the brink. Granted, paying $2.33 for a medium coffee on a daily basis doesn’t necessarily go along with my bank account at the moment (almost $14 a week? No thanks), but one or two a week really can’t hurt.

It’s been a very productive week so far. I spent my day in the big apple yesterday, and am pleased to announce that I’m one step closer to being a. full-time employed and b. a big city gal! Yup, you read it right. Starting on the 13th, I’ll be spending my Mondays and Tuesdays (and Thursdays, from home) working for cafemom.com! Blogging, researching and brainstorming; I’m so so so excited to learn more about the business, get more clips and of course – business casual clothes and NYC in the fall.

After a minor egg white puff mishap (followed by 10 minutes cleaning the microwave) I headed toward the gym early this morning to do today’s workout:

Does anyone have suggestions on how to incorporate strength training into a half marathon running routine? I find that the worst thing is doing some lifts, waking up sore the next morning and then having to run four miles. What is your favorite thing about race season? And if you’ve never run a 5k, what do you think is the biggest obstacle holding you back?

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it” [Charles Buxton]

There are parts of summer that I love. Really.  I love the grits of sand between my toes, the hot sun upon my bare bronzed  shoulders, feeling carefree during late nights at bars that have a patio to enjoy warm temperatures and of course the food that comes with it (fruit tastes better when it’s above 75 degrees, I swear).

But the taste of fall throughout the last few days has been a legitimate tease. I wore jeans and a American Apparel sweater. I bought warm coffee (medium french vanilla with skim milk) and anticipated the arrival of pumpkin spice. I thought about buying Christmas (and Chanukah) presents and of course, about the boy coming back home, finally.

But – maybe it’s best not to rush it. Because once fall rears its head around the corner of summer’s swag filled with dollar cones, warm New York City nights and college graduation parties – it’s over. Another summer for the books, another chapter over with.

With another week or so of 80 degree plus days ahead of us – I’ll put the hoodie I bought from Old Navy back into the closet (It was a steal – $12 – and I was killing time before work) and take out my bikini for one last hoorah.

What better way to kick off the last week of true summer glory than a six mile run in the valley with my best friend? Catch ya later!

What’s been your favorite summer memory? And what are you looking forward to most about fall?