“Appreciate me now, and avoid the rush” [Ashleigh Brilliant]

This morning I’m tackling the concept of healthy lifestyle suggestions for gals on the go. Since May – I’ve been traveling to and from my freelance job at The Hartford Courant, about 55 minutes away – every Tuesday to go in and log some hours doing online production work. It’s not always easy to think ahead – and in the whirlwind that is my Tuesday mornings, I’m generally frazzled trying to squeeze in a workout, shower, find something to wear and get out the door just in time to make it up to Hartford.  The result? I don’t bring any food with me, and I’m scrounging for food as soon as I leave the place.

There are two way to tackle this scenario.

The first: Grabbing something to eat nearby

One of my favorite spots for healthy, satisfying lunch suggestions is the Fitness Magazine Twitter page. Daily, the mag posts a suggestion for a fast food lunch, like this one:

Before you hit the drive thru – make sure you’re well-educated. Items like cheese, mayonnaise, sauces and frying add generally add more calories – so be cautious. And, just because you’re ordering a grilled item, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Your best bet: go to company websites, and pick seven to ten lunches that are under in the “safe zone.” Keep a stash of fruit by your desk, like apples, oranges and bananas – and stick with just a sandwich instead of fries or other fatty sides.

The second: Planning ahead

What better way to learn – then by example. So today: I’m planning ahead.

The first step: buying the right ingredients. Make sure you buy things that will make this easy, instead of a hassle. A salad chef? Buy your favorite veggies, slice them over the weekend and simply combine them right before heading into the office for the perfect workday salad. Hesitant to make sandwiches because of the calories in the roll? Well, Arnold’s has a solution.

At 100 calories per “sub” – these bread thins are the perfect solution for a large appetite on a small calorie budget. Today’s sub: Boar’s Head buffalo chicken, half a slice of Alpine Lace swiss, romaine lettuce and Hellmann’s Light Mayo.

And I didn’t stop there. Are you a muncher? I am. Bring healthy options to keep your chompers occupied during the workday without feeling guilty as you step into the car. Veggies like green peppers, carrots and celery are perfect for mindless munching. Looking for something a bit more filling? Go with a granola bar (my favorite: Fiber One Oats & Peanut Butter).

That’s all for now folks. If I don’t hop into the shower and get my booty out the door – I’m going to be late! Do you have any other questions about healthy eating on the go? What’s your favorite grab and go snack?